Travelling to Amsterdam.


Let’s walk into one of Europe’s most famous cities and a famous vacation spot as well. Amsterdam is a very unique city, with extremely liberal laws, and interesting history.
Right off the bat, when you get into the airport, you will notice how big it is, in fact, it is the fifth biggest in the world. There is a train that runs every 10 minutes from the airport, that is not very expensive, yet it is conveniently fast. Public transport is also very efficient and makes it easy to get around town. Another thing that you will notice when you arrive is the overwhelming number of bicycles. There are more bikes in Amsterdam than people. So, it is always a good idea to rent a bike as a faster way of getting around.
Amsterdam doesn’t really come to mind when thinking about good cuisine. Yet, there are many interesting food options to explore in this city. One of them is the Dutch national dish- raw herrings. This might sound weird, but it is actually one of their most praised and delicious dishes, and it is served on every corner in Amsterdam! Another one of Dutch specialties are special beef balls covered in breadcrumbs and then deep fried. For a fast and casual eat on the go, you might want to check out Febo. This is basically a vending machine system, just a little more sophisticated, with both hot and cold dishes, that are light, fast and conveniently packaged. A detail that many forget is that Indonesia was actually a Dutch colony until a hundred years ago! So naturally, there are a lot of Indonesian people in the Dutch capital, bringing exciting Indonesian food everywhere. A great thing to check out is Amstel beer,

Although Amsterdam holds the reputation of sex and drug capital of Europe, contrary to popular belief, it is a very safe city for tourists. The lifestyle itself is very relaxed, and the whole atmosphere of the city is very peaceful. In fact, Amsterdam has an extremely low violent crime rate. Now, for the places that you would want to visit. The Central Station was designed in 1889. by a famous Dutch architect. Be sure to get a tour of Amsterdam’s famous canals. Since the city rests on the river of Amstel, the canal design is an addition that will make your experience even more interesting. We recommend visiting the Vondel Park, one of Amsterdam’s bigger parks, as a place for casual relaxation as well. As for the people who are looking for something more exciting, you should take on Amsterdam’s nightlife, known as the Party Capital of Europe. Amsterdam has 2 major nightlife districts called Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein. These are loaded with both bars and clubs, and make a perfect place to search for your ideal party. And if you are looking to dance, you should definitely check out the massive Paradiso club dance floor. Just take care of yourself and don’t overdo it!
Thank you for reading our guide, and have fun on your own Amsterdam adventure!

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