Cockroaches and Pest control

A cockroach on a driveway

Why are Cockroaches are considered Pests.

Cockroaches are a species of bug that is found around the world.  Their is 30 different types that are common and of that 30 4 are considered pests.  The German, American, Australian and Oriental cockroaches, are considered pests by most accounts.  A insect is considered a pest if it is detrimental to humans or human interests such as livestock, crops, or forests.  Cockroaches are especially difficult to deal with as they are a resilient insect that can survive very harsh environments.  Some species can survive in -180 degrees celcius, and with out food and water for weeks.

Cockroach diet

Cockroaches are omnivorous.  That’s why they will eat all the weird stuff they find in your house.  Some Cockroaches like to eat wood and cellulose fibers.  The very materials found inside your walls.  Old food, clothes, books, even toothpaste is all on the daily diet if they can find it.  They will set up shop near  the source of food for to make it easy for themselves.

Cockroach effects on humans

So if you happen to find evidence of Cockroaches in your home, on top of the fact they could be doing damage to the structure itself, they also can carry diseases with them.  E.coli and salmonella are just two of the deadly types of bacteria and that is not all.  their is a type of protein, tropomyosin, that is carried by cockroaches that can trigger asthma.  It has been reported that in some cities in North America that large cockroach populations has increased Asthma frequency.  Cockroaches are also known to burrow into the human ear and cause complications including hearing loss.  So, if you suspect that you have cockroaches inside your home, then you should contact a professional exterminator in Edmonton right away.

Prevention tips

Clean your home frequently.

Wash and inspect under the kitchen sink.  Cockroaches like dark places and are nocturnal.

Food particles left out are a welcome invitation.

Vacuum thoroughly.  Yes use all those funky attachments that come with the machine and get into those corners.  Move your furniture around and get those spots as well.

Clean up any moisture or water.

Seal up any openings into the home.

If you see any signs or evidence of cockroaches in your home, don’t hesitate to call a professional pest control company.  Exterminators are trained and equipped to deal with these types of problems.  They bring with them the ability to tackle the problems when they are small and manageable, before they become overwhelming.

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